Wednesday, July 8, 2009

After the Bolt...

Just a short post today -
I wanted to share what arugula flowers look like. I think that they resemble pinwheels.

I could tell that my arugula and spinach were on the verge of bolting, and I felt bad tearing them out of the garden when they looked so vigorous. At some point, I will need to pull them and plant the next round of seeds (something warm-weather-loving, I hope)... but until it stops raining, I'm going to remain a weak-willed gardener and see what arugula looks like when it goes to seed!

Despite continuing wet, cool weather, the zucchini sprouts continue to grow bit by bit. I'm surprised by that, as I consider zucchini the ultimate hot summer weather plant. I also realized that I think I confused mixed up some seedlings that I started inside because the cucumber flowers seem very squash-like. I'll post a "name this seedling" quiz soon!

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