Thursday, April 25, 2013

April Flowers

I've been gawking at several florist/flower farm blogs lately, completely blown away by the gorgeous arrangements showcasing old timey flowers and subtle color palettes. I think that I've been anxious to see spring flowers, as northern New England is still shaking off the end of winter. The grass is greening up, but the gardens are still looking pretty bare. 

It took a little bit of doing, but I was able to pull together a small early spring bouquet by traipsing around the yard. My April bouquet is composed of jonquils, daffodils, lilac, white pine, crabapple, myrtle and a red-twigged shrub that has sent suckers from my neighbor's yard onto our side lawn.


  1. Replies
    1. Thanks - it was a lot of fun to wander around the yard looking for things that didn't look dead.

  2. That! Is an amazing photograph.

    1. It's the magic of low light conditions; the sun was starting to go down and the kitchen was about half-dark. I have no idea how to recreate this effect, but I'll definitely try.