Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Desperately Seeking Spring

The front yard on Friday - you can start to see lawn!

We wrapped up maple sugaring two weekends ago, not because the season had ended but rather that we had exhausted our initial enthusiasm and wanted to go visit friends. So that's what we did - left our semi-snowy home on Friday and took a little trip to the Hudson River valley.

People hiking the Appalachian Trail northbound are often said to be "chasing spring" as they trek northward from Georgia to South Carolina to North Carolina until summer takes the East Coast by storm. For us, this trip was more like "desperately seeking spring."

It was a great trip full of springtime pleasures - we went bike riding, listened to peepers, went for a hike on a trail with no snow and no mud, and watched painted turtles sunning themselves while we sunned ourselves on our friends' dock. And when we got home, it had warmed up and the snow had melted significantly! And on Monday, it was 70 degrees in the afternoon! I did yard work until it got dark, and it felt absolutely wonderful.

The front yard on Monday - much less snow, still no green.

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